We provide comprehensive care for bone and joint disorders. Our facility offers full x-ray and diagnostic ultrasound services.
We also offer joint consultations with an orthopaedic
fitter to work out individual solutions.

Surgical procedures are being carried out at the surgical
Day Care Centre Mainz for out-patient procedures
or for in-patient Care at St Mary’s Hospital(Marienhaus)
in Flörsheim.

Please check web site:


Total joint replacement:
THR (total hip replacement) & TKR (total knee replacement) are being offered.
Standardised Post - op rehab program includes intensive physiotherapy.


Full asthroscopic service for knee conditions including meniscal and ACL reconstruction available.

Arthroscopies with subacrominal decompression and rotator cuff reconstruction.

Foot / ankle surgery:
A wide range of surgical procedures is available.

Wide range of soft tissue procedures including endoscopical trigger finger release is available.

Special service to overseas patients:
A medical questionaire will be made avaiable.
Please make sure this questionaire is answered comprehensivly and completly.
If necessary please seek medical guidance.